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Dealing With English Language Business Communication

All people is familiar with the universalizing of English language. What not all people is familiar with, is the kind of English you should learn in order to communicate in the business world. English is English, some might be arguing, but we have American and Britain English and both are understandable and useful. However, is the American one that most travelers, business man and people is getting in touch with and learning it.

Here we offer some useful phrases and idioms to talk about communication in the business field:

get straight to the point = talk directly about something rather than going around the subject.

"He got straight to the point in the meeting."

beat around the bush = not talk directly about something.

"Please don't beat around the bush."

go round in circles = not get to the point or reach a conclusion.

"We're going round in circles here. Perhaps we should go back to the beginning."

kiss and tell = tell the newspapers about your relationship with someone famous.

"This Sunday there's going to be a great kiss and tell about the new Prime Minister."

set the record straight = say what really happened so that there are no misunderstandings.

"He really set the record straight about what happened in the Board Meeting."

give someone the low-down = give all the details, inside story or gossip.

"Just as well she gave me the low-down on my new boss before I met him."

stay in touch / contact = not lose contact with someone.

"Please stay in touch after you leave the company."



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