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Translestosphere: New Blog of Resources for Translators

I was talking today via Gmail with a friend of us and he just gave us a tip on this note. The launching of this blog was made in Spanish but offers guides and tools on how to work with translations. In its sidebar you will find plenty of resources, both in English and Sapnish. Tradutósfera [es] was discovered because we were looking for experiences the translators have in Global Voices, and then we got to the interview of Spanish Lingua Editor, Juan Arellanos. Using Google, you might be able to read the whole interview about editor experiences with translations in Global Voices.

English Convesational Expressions

_My name is …. What should I call you? _Hi, I am …. _ Hi, …. I am pleased to meet you. _ I take my hat off to you. _It’s rare to meet someone as imaginative and eloquent as you. _ It’s good of you to notice that. _ Do you know what else? _ Ok. If you are, then you are. _ I often ask myself that same question. _ Would you like coffee? If you insist…. Obviously, I would. _ Are you ….? Of course, I am …. _ Did they teach you to talk that way in school or did you make that up all by yourself? _ It doesn’t make sense to dwell on it. _ Don’t begin to draw conclusions. _ I’ll be hanged if I do that. _ Do me a favor and stick to plain English. I don’t have a fancy education. _ Anyway, I’ll leave that for you to figure out. _ Goodness gracious! Really? _ However, I can’t be bothered with that. _ That’s a perfectly wonderful thing to say. _ What makes you think, I can answer that? _ So what else is new? _ I’ll bet you know all about him. Don’t you? _ Excuse me, I’ll be right back. That’s better.