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Make the Most of Your Personal Situations

Making the most of any given situation means going beyond feeling and acting rather an on principle writes Crystal Redhead-Gould. She is the owner Virtual Assistant owner and we really like the way of making business. If you're thinking of money, then go and visit Mb and you will mature your very own ideas. Now is a good time to give them [your ideas] some thought. (short post republished from   1. Did I do my very best in all the circumstances that I had an opportunity to?  2. Did I make my customers feel that they are special and give the quality of service I’d give if that was the only customer I had? Cause as a cogitate guy, the best testimonial is the one from a deeply satisfied customer or client.  3. Did I use my downtime to improve the quality of service I offer? 4. Am I satisfied with my work ethics?  5. Do I love what I do, because if you don’t, the answer to all the above will be "no." Have a great week-time is precious, spend i

Taking a Break from Spanish, No More!

While some are still visiting this blog in the hope they will find the secrets of how NOT to make money, We still lack time to dedicate it and write especially for those our dearest readers. In the meantime, please head over this blog to learn about a series of posts on the  info-product. Now back to our matters, we've received a visit to one of our blogs from a person who is dedicated to learning Spanish at all costs. The latest post is on badass materials on how to learn the Cervantes' language. Well, is hearing English bad for you mental state? Is it bad reading a book while you’re on holiday? Don’t you watch TV in your free time? Is it weird? NO! So why would it be weird doing all those things in Spanish? It’s just another language which I (and you) happen to not speak fluently (yet). Therefore I try to avoid people who say crap (yes, again, CRAP!) like that. For me that’s quite hard, as my own parents say the same things and I’m spending 3 weeks of my summer with them…