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Kack Prelutsky I am the only ME I AM who qualifies as me; no ME I AM has been before, and none will ever be. No other ME I AM can feel the feelings I've within; no other ME I AM can fit precisely in my skin. There is no other ME I AM who thinks the thoughts I do, the world contains one ME I AM, there is no room for two! I am the only ME I AM this earth shall ever see; that ME I AM always am is no one else but ME!

Clue Words

What do these words have in common, other than their first letter:  raise, rattle, repay, reserve, ride, rim, robe, rose, rude?    Answer: They form new words when preceded by the letter "p." Example: p + raise= praise


Let me tell you something, from San Valentine Day on, I just missed a wonderful person. She was working with me until my boss asked me to send her upstairs. By then I've learned that Alexandra was moving to work with another boss and a different unit. How I miss her! She is a very well mannered person, happily married with a beautiful daughter. I hope her husband loves her badly as she deserves.