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English Convesational Expressions

_My name is …. What should I call you? _Hi, I am …. _ Hi, …. I am pleased to meet you. _ I take my hat off to you. _It’s rare to meet someone as imaginative and eloquent as you. _ It’s good of you to notice that. _ Do you know what else? _ Ok. If you are, then you are. _ I often ask myself that same question. _ Would you like coffee? If you insist…. Obviously, I would. _ Are you ….? Of course, I am …. _ Did they teach you to talk that way in school or did you make that up all by yourself? _ It doesn’t make sense to dwell on it. _ Don’t begin to draw conclusions. _ I’ll be hanged if I do that. _ Do me a favor and stick to plain English. I don’t have a fancy education. _ Anyway, I’ll leave that for you to figure out. _ Goodness gracious! Really? _ However, I can’t be bothered with that. _ That’s a perfectly wonderful thing to say. _ What makes you think, I can answer that? _ So what else is new? _ I’ll bet you know all about him. Don’t you? _ Excuse me, I’ll be right back. That’s better. So what we were talking about? I forgot. _ Hey! Wait a second! What’s that hanging off your nose? - Just Kidding! _ That makes a lot of sense. _ Anyhow, I have a bigger fish to fry. _ Really? Things could be worse, you know. _ Not now. May be later. _ I can’t argue with you there. _ It is purely a matter of opinion. _ Strictly speaking, that probably explains a lot! _ To put it in a nutshell, or To cut it short, …. _ You must be pulling my leg. But that can be our little secret, right? _ Hey! Stop using those filthy words or I’ll get mad. _ I’m trying as hard as I can, but I just don’t catch. What you’re trying to say there. _ I don’t think that’s any of your business. _ Don’t make me laugh. _ Are you kidding me? _ That’s incredible! _ Ridiculous! _ The whole thing is unbelievable! _ No. I refuse to do any such thing. _ Excuse me. My head itches like crazy! _ You’ve got one very foul mouth. Put a lid on it. _ Stop talking garbage. _ Excuse me, somebody’s at the door. _ Could you translate that for me into plain English? _ I’m pretty sure, I do not know! _ Why? I never bothered to find out. _ How? How should I know? How you’d expect. _ What? I could loan you my hearing aid, but it doesn’t work very well. Think about it. Guess what! Come on. What do you think? _ When? When! When pigs fly. That’s when. I don’t keep track of such things. _ Who? It was somebody. But I can’t remember the name. _ So nice of you. And it wouldn’t take a genius to figure that out! _ That’s incredible! Did you think it up all by yourself? _ If you say so. What can I say? _ May be you are right. _ I wouldn’t lie to you. But I wouldn’t want that to get out in public. Ok? _ Obviously/ Really? _ It may be obvious/real to you, but not to me! _ What makes you think, I can answer that?


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Decoding Skills

Some help along the way with a short vowel, long vowel, and consonant. Thanks to Mary Kay Linge who in her Reading Tutor points: 1. When one vowel appears between two consonants, the vowel usually says its short sound. 2. If there is an e at the end of a word, the vowel sound is long and the e is not pronounced -it's silent. 3. A vowel before a doubled consonant says its short sound. 4. When two vowels appear together, we usually hear only the first vowel, and it says its long sound(or, "When two vowels go walking, the first does the talking") 5. When a word has only one vowel and it appears at the end of the word, it usually says its long sound. 6. When c or g comes immediately before a,o or u we say its hard sound. 7. When c or g comes immediately before e, i, o or y we say its soft sound. However, there are many exceptions to every one of the rules, and learning them will only come with time and reading experience. No wonder so many struggle!

No Posting in a Long Time!

Don't worry. The issue to learn English is long and has nothing to be with a day or two. So, feel free to come back and post notes at anytime. I will try to keep writing and letting you know what i've learned so far. AMF= Adios Mother Fucker TGIF=Thanks God Is Friday! NFG=Not Fucking Good TLC= Tender Loving Care

Journalists Most Misspelled Words

Great list of more than 60 words no Johnny but journalists misspell according to the experiences of Roy Peter Clark : acknowledgment: (The American Heritage Dictionary also permits acknowledgement, but prefers to drop that extra "e," and so do I.) acquiesce: (The "sce" ending always gives me problems, as in reminisce.) aphrodisiac: (Named after Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love. Would that make an afrodisiac something that gives you a desire to listen to "Earth, Wind and Fire"?) appropriate: (Most words beginning with an "ap" are followed by another p; so if you've got to guess, go with app ...) camaraderie: (I don't understand how we get from "comrade" to this vowely abstraction, but I learned how to spell it by following a simple consonant-vowel-consonant-vowel pattern.) carcass: (I can now spell any word that ends with -ass.) Caribbean: (You'll have to look up exotic place names, except for Lake Titicaca, of