David Armano writes for Business Week and discusses the problem marketers are confronted today. He says "A consumer can be any number of things—sometimes all at once. And that fact is driving marketers, businesspeople, and brand managers nuts. So what do we do? I propose we become conversation architects."

But what it means to be an "conversation architect"?

Using social tools such as YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, Ning,or those still growing, we have to "market to each other", in other words, it's not enough communicate but facilitate the flow of information in all ways.

Armano has blog where he wants to complete the "merits of conversation, transparency, authenticity, facilitation, participation", etc. He builds up the discourse on social networks and internal/external properties. These questions arised at the end. Want to chime in?. Questions transcripted:

1. How will these initiatives relate to one another?
2. Will they be able to scale at the same rate or will some pull ahead of others?
3. How much redundancy will occur between them?
4. Will new tools need to be developed to coordinate internal/external and social activities?
5. What platforms will best be served for research vs. communication?
6. Which systems will demonstrate the most flexibility to adapt?