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Bold Text -The Importance of Writing for Easier Readers Scan

From our experience, we do know that writing web documents is a different process from writing for print, and if you simply move your print documents onto weblogs, you are not using the medium to its best advantage. Be aware then, If you are including textual information on your blog, you should rewrite or adapt your materials to the style of the genre.

Bradblogging is a good place to find online resources about how to write on your web site and he advices on many topics for those in the blog business. If you happen to visit Bradblogging, as you should do, you will feel immediately compelled to stay, browse, scan and subscribe. Why? The presentation of his page is eye-catching, design, graphs, pictures and the length of posts, so short that you won't spend more than a few second to get to the point. I encourage every blogger to write short posts, web readers are lazy and don't always appreciate to read long posts.

So, you have to find ways of how to invite your readers to stay over and one of them is the text presentation, the good use of bold text, which was analysed by Bradblogging and that we cite here:

"Text that sticks out of the article will draw the reader’s eye.

Easier time for the reader to scan your article for important keywords and/or phrases.

Not everyone has time to read your article. They can grasp a basic sense of what your trying to say through bolded text.

Bolded points and information will make the article more pleasing to the eye.(Bradlblogging secret success.)

Your brain can create a bridge between bolded phrases making the actual reading part take much less time.

Finally, with the extra time that a visitor saves by scanning one of your articles, they could either: Subscribe, Comment, Read/Scan Another One Of Your Articles or
Buy an Advertisement"

How do you write your posts? Do you think is useful to abide by these rules?


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