Surely you've read a few or at least, one book about how to become rich because it's the human nature to look for pleasure and commodities. I have spent some time with professional coaches that helped me out on personal developing and showed some necessary steps, everyone dreaming of being rich, before they can accomplish and become such a dream.

Now, many of course will be thinking that this is not a dream since many ( very few thought) had worked hard and earned enough money to accumulate millions and millions. Some others will start arguing that this post doesn't even deserve the attention because it is not written by a rich man. We will accept your discrepancies with humility but let tell you what is saying one of the top 100 blogger by Technorati and top influencers on the web according to the Wall Street Journal, Neil Patel.

There is not such an incredible revelation but he goes right to the point of what is expected for a regular person, in order to perform in the direction the money flows. After reading his post here, please don't go: Damn it! I have none of these. Now I will never become a millionaire.

QuickSprout asserts that you can become rich only if you meet these four criteria: Inheritance, Stunning physical attributes, Knowledge, Creativity and Willingness.

The co-founder of these three Internet companies: ACS, Crazy Egg, and KISSmetrics, closed his post being quite strict on his postulates, "Hopefully you fall into one of these categories or else the chances of you becoming a millionaire are probably worse than the lottery... If you aren’t you better learn to, or don’t waste your time trying to become rich."