Making the most of any given situation means going beyond feeling and acting rather on principle writes Crystal Redhead-Gould.

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Now is a good time to give them [your ideas] some thought. (short post republished from

1. Did I do my very best in all the circumstances that I had an opportunity to?

2. Did I make my customers feel that they are special and give the quality of service I’d give if that was the only customer I had? Cause as a cogitate guy, the best testimonial is the one from a deeply satisfied customer or client.

3. Did I use my down time to improve the quality of service I offer?

4. Am I satisfied with my work ethics?

5. Do I love what I do, because if you don’t, the answer to all the above will be "no."

Have a great week-time is precious, spend it wisely. Don't waste it!!


  1. Anonymous // 3:51 AM

    It's easier to abide by these rules on a long term basis when customers show that they appreciate them.

  2. Tonnet // 5:36 AM

    Which not always happen, Jacqueline. Thanks for dropping by.