I do know there are other places where you can find this information, but I just wanted to share with you, something that I've received few days ago from my cellphone service provider. Many people -younger than older, are using the text messaging as the most quick and efficient way to communicate.

Your son won't pick the phone to answer if he/she realized is mom who's calling to say something, or to curfew him up. Yet this can be easily solved if they pick their cellphones just to discover mom again wants to know about her date, verbigracie. Her mom might sent something like 'king or frog' and that will be enough to think what she's into. Daughter can answer back 'king' and nobody has to feel embarrassed or justify why mom has to be calling at this time!

Here's the guide:

YT? -Are you there?
< bs > -Big smile
4E - Forever
F2F - face-to-face
GR8 -Great
LMK -Let me know
N2K - Need to know
U@? -Where are you?

DHYB - Don't hold your breath
FFR - For future reference
ILBL8 - I'll be late
kThxBye -Okay, thanks. Good bye!
RB@U - Right back at you
PTMM - Please, tell me more
*vin -Starving
SC$ - Success

B3 - Blah, blah, blah
FTBOMH - From the bottom of my heart
GD&R - Grinning, ducking and running
HB2U -happy Birthday to you
TTYL -Talk to you later
Y3 - Yadda, yadda, yadda
MHOTY - My hat's off to you